June 1st 2008

Cristian seems to have no desire to eat. It is a struggle to get him to eat. In my opinion, his right side is also getting worse in my opinion. Besides that Cristian is living a normal life. Cristian isn’t going to school because of his inability to go consistently but he reads and writes and is very smart. Cristian is enjoying his spring. He has went to see Lion King on Broadway, Diego at Radio City, Sesame Street at Madison Square Garden and has made several trips to the Bronx Zoo and several dozen trips to Toys R’ Us and FAO Schwartz, which are his 2 favorite places. Cristian also has been enjoying driving his Jeep around. It is a battery operated Jeep. Cristian also has been expanding his incredible Thomas the Train collection by buying rare trains on e-bay.

John “Gungie” Rivera
Forever Cristian’s Daddy