June 18th 2008

Today Jenelle and I met with Dr.Dunkel of Memorial Sloan Kettering. After speaking we all agreed that we should keep Cristian on his current regiment of Bevacizumab and Irinotecan. Although his last MRI on Wednesday, June 11th 2008 showed an approximate 5 percent increase in size we are going to keep Cristian on his current regiment for 4 more weeks and then depending on the results of the MRI at that point we will determine whether to continue on his current regiment or not. If we don’t get good results then we will try one of 2 new trial drugs which has been tested with success in Cuba and Germany, Nimotuzumab or Panitumumab. Mab, means antibody medicine. Cristian would take one of the two drugs (Nimotuzumab or Panitumumab) weekly. Cristian is currently not eligible for both these drugs because they are for patients who are on their first alternative trial after standard radiation and or chemotherapy. Cristian is on his second trial. Dr.Dunkel thinks within 4 weeks the red tape with Cristian not being eligible will not be an issue.

John “Gungie” Rivera
Forever Cristian’s Daddy