January 24th 2009-Morning

I slept in the bed with Cristian last night and noticed that he was breathing on top of the vent. Cristian is fighting, he truly is. I believe Cristian knows I am here so I spoke with Cristian and Prayed with him. I told Cristian stories of past times, how he and I had so much fun and how I can not wait for that day to come again. I told him that God is going to heal him through His Powers and/or through Doctors. Cristian felt really warm and when they took his temperature it was 102+. Cristian just got some Tylenol. Dr Bob came today to bring me the copy of Cristian’s MRI, which Kenya ran to him last night. We tried viewing the MRI together, but the computers here didn’t allow it. Cristian isn’t in good enough shape to get worked on by Doctor Bob. Cristian is too swollen and the tumor has started spreading down to his upper cervical. The goal is to increase the steroids so that Cristian’s breathing goes up and heart rate down and then Doctor Bob can commence working on getting further pressure off of Cristian. Dr Gershon was here and I asked him to show me Cristian’s MRI which is accessible to him and Dr Gershon showed and explained everything Dr Bob told me..

John “Gungie” Rivera
Forever Cristian’s Daddy