January 12th 2009

Dr. Walker came with someone that does Reiki, Diego Urrea. Diego did some Reiki on Cristian while Dr. Walker did a check up on Cristian. Afterwards Dr. Walker, Myself, Jenelle, Deacon Michael and Marianne (who is in charge of medical services/GI and Nutrition) met and discussed the stem cell option. Jenelle and I agreed to try it and it has been started today. On Wed 01/07/09 the meeting with Dr. Khakoo was an upsetting one which wasn’t filled with much hope and the following day 01/08/09 God brought us Dr. Pyne, Ben Velaquez and Dr. Walker, who are helping Cristian at no charge. Dr. Pyne and Ben Velaquez are friends of a long time friend Kamar Delosreyes,, who is also one of the founders of the Gabriel Project,, which is a not for profit foundation that provides life saving heart surgery to a child from an area in the world where such surgery is not available. Dr. Walker is a friend of Dr. Pyne and Ben Velaquez. God is Great. Please continue to pray, Prayer is strong. I believe that Cristian will get better!

John “Gungie” Rivera
Forever Cristian’s Daddy