Isaiah Ryan Garza – Cristian Rivera Foundation
Isaiah Ryan Garza
Date of Birth: July 21, 1992
Date of Diagnosis: September 28, 2004
Earned His Wings: April 1, 2006

As everyone knows Isaiah was special. He always wanted everyone to be happy. He wanted to make a difference in this world. I know he would have gone on to be someone great. Isaiah had a certain quality to him that made him unique. He had lots of friends and he still does. Everyone loved to be around him. It was like you were drawn to him. You don’t get to meet someone like him everyday. So please cherish the memories you have of him and know that he loved all of you!

So this is how it all began and from this day forward life would never be the same:

September 27, 2004 Isaiah had a doctor’s appointment because he was complaining of his left hand and foot getting numb. The doctor couldn’t make a diagnosis so she made an appointment for an MRI the following day, September 28, 2004. Isaiah got the MRI and we went back to the doctor to get the results. While at the doctor’s office I didn’t think anything was going to be wrong but when she asked if I wanted Isaiah in the room or if I wanted him outside so she could let me know the results, I knew it wasn’t going to be good. While Isaiah waited outside I was told that he had a brainstem glioma. An inoperable brain tumor. I just remember crying and crying and I started feeling guilty. I thought it was my fault for my son getting this horrible disease. The doctor let Isaiah in the room and I got him and hugged him so tight and I kept telling him that I was sorry. I really thought I lost it. Why my son? Why not me instead? It wasn’t fair. My mother, Lorraine and Scott came to pick us up from the doctor’s office. I think I was crying the whole way home. When we got home all my family had come over to see Isaiah and to let us know that they would be there for us. The following morning the doctor called me and told me that she had talked to a neurologist from Loma Linda University Medical Center and they wanted me to take Isaiah over there right away. I got my son and we left no hesitation what so ever. Isaiah stayed in the hospital for about a week. They got everything ready for him to start his radiation and his chemo. Six weeks of proton radiation along with chemo (Temodar). And then a second phase of Temodar for 10 months. Through out all of this Isaiah never complained. He showed us all how brave and courageous he was. A true hero in my eyes. I was truly blessed to have such a wonderful son. There will never be anyone like you Isaiah. I will cherish your life forever.