CRF Donates a check to one of its Medical Partners, Dr. Oren Becher, which puts them over ½ Million dollars ($500,000) donated in 2023

DR Oren Becher

Our founder John Gungie Rivera, chairman Melinda Colon Cox, and top board members Jarrad Seuferling and Carlos Colon recently presented Dr. Oren Becher, one of CRF’s medical partners and chief of Pediatric Hematology-Oncology at the Mount Sinai Kravis Children’s Hospital, with a post-dated check for 2023, putting CRF at over $500,000 (half a million dollars) donated in 2023 between our medical partners, family support, and awareness programs. We couldn’t connect with Dr. Becher before the new year since he was traveling, but we were excited to be able to connect with him yesterday.

“Your generosity has a wide reach across our community, and provides additional resources as we continue to test new medications to treat children with this type of brain tumor,” said Dr. Becher.

“When Cristian passed away, I was torn whether to donate his tumor. But I am happy I did, and that it went to Oren Becher, who has been able to obtain groundbreaking information from Cristian’s tumor. That solidified Cristian’s impact on children affected by DIPG,” said CRF founder John “Gungie” Rivera.

“It makes me so proud to be able to increase our funding towards Dr. Becher’s crucial work each year,” said CRF chairman Melinda Colon Cox.

“Dr. Oren Becher’s pioneering research gives us hope that we will have a future free of DIPG,” said CRF board member Jarrad Seuferling.

“CRF is honored to work alongside Dr. Oren Becher as we cap off another record-breaking year of donations toward DIPG research,” said CRF board member Carlos Colon.

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