The Cristian Rivera Foundation’s mission is to create a world without DIPG by funding research towards a cure, spreading awareness and providing family support. In efforts to live out their mission and educate others, CRF holds fundraising events, sends out newsletters, utilizes social media, and a variety of other methods to educate the community about DIPG.

Have YOU ever wondered how else you could help the Cristian Rivera Foundation in ways besides volunteering or donating? It is easier than you might think. You have a voice. You have a platform. Let’s use it! Help us spread the word about CRF and bring attention to DIPG.

Be a Voice. In your daily conversations, ask your family, friends, or colleagues if they have heard of the Cristian Rivera Foundation or DIPG. Let’s say you talk to five people about Cristian Rivera Foundation, they mention it to five more people and so on. Share our posts on social media, today’s world is more connected than ever. Let’s use it to our advantage. Information about DIPG and our foundation will spread like wildfire. 

Be a Resource. Utilize our website to educate yourself on all things DIPG. After an initial conversation about DIPG, questions will arise and you will have answers! If you don’t know everything, that is alright! Point them to our social media pages or website.

Be a Light. DIPG is a horrible disease. With your help, an increase in awareness allows the Cristian Rivera Foundation to continue guiding families and providing tools through their dark time. More conversations and education, potential funding for research, clinical trials, and resources are all implemented in hopes of one day finding a cure for this terrible disease.

by Lily Abadir

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