August 28th 2008

Today Cristian had his weekly occupational and physical therapy then Jenelle and I met with the Surgeon who would do the procedure on Cristian, Dr.Souweidane. He gave us two options, option A – A shunt would be inserted in Cristian’s brain the size of a spaghetti, which will drain the fluids that have built up in his brain and relieve the pressure which are affecting his vision, walking and causing weakness on the right side of his body. Option B – A third Ventriculostomy which will do the same job if not than better than the shunt. This will eliminate the foreign object, (The Shunt) being implanted in Cristian’s head, but there is a 15 percent chance that if Cristian will not get the results we want and will have to have surgery again to implant the shunt. Jenelle and I are going with option A – The Shunt. Cristian is having surgery Friday August, 29th. After the surgery Jenelle and I will stay overnight to monitor his recovery. We have full faith that our son will be ok and will beat all the odds this disease offers. We will be inviting you to his College Graduation in 16 or so years.

John “Gungie” Rivera
Forever Cristian’s Daddy