August 25th 2008

Today I received a phone call from doctor Gershon he informed me that after taking a closer look at Cristian’s MRI, from Thursday August 21st, he noticed fluids building up in the center of his brain. This is a very serious problem. Doctor Gershon wants us to meet with Dr.Souweidane on Thursday to determine when Cristian is to be operated. Cristian will need surgery immediately to insert a shunt in his brain. The shunt will allow the extra fluids being built up in his brain drained into his stomach. The operation can be as soon as Friday. Cristian’s right side is still getting weaker and he is still tired which is something, even after the good news on last Thursdays MRI results, I was worried about. This news saddens me because after Thursday’s results I thought things were better. Jenelle and I appreciate everyone’s continued prayers and support.

John “Gungie” Rivera
Forever Cristian’s Daddy