2020: A Year in Review

2020 has been a year full of surprises with a pandemic and the usual unexpected twists and turns of life. Check out the top music, google searches, pets, baby names and more below to review the crazy year we have had!

Music has been a guiding light during the quarantine and social distancing of 2020.  Many people have learned to play a new instrument, found a new genre to listen to, or enjoyed music as they went for long walks!  Finding fun new hobbies at home has helped to keep people, including those with compromised immune systems, safe during this pandemic. Check out the top artist and song that have impacted the US this year.

Top Song: Blinding Lights, The Weeknd

Top Artist : Post Malone

Google is always a handy tool to gain access to quick information.  We have had a lot of time during 2020 to learn new facts, stay up to date with news, and get more accustomed to technology. Google is a powerful tool and lots of information can be accessed at the click of a mouse, including our website, social media, and information about DIPG! What do you think were the most Googled phrases?

Top 3 Google Searches:

  1. Election Results
  2. Coronavirus
  3. Kobe Bryant

Pets and family have been two of the most important companions during isolation. Cristian Rivera Foundation always encourages quality time spent with family and loves to see people getting creative with fun new activities. Pets are even known for reducing stress, anxiety, encouraging play and are good for cardiovascular health! Many families have experienced the addition of a four-legged family member or new baby in 2020. What do you think were the top baby names and pet breeds this year?

Most Popular Pet Breeds:

  • Mixed Breed Dog
  • Bengal Cat

Top Baby Names:

  • Sophia
  • Liam

There has been a lot of time for enjoying movies and bingeing Netflix shows this year! We have all enjoyed crying to a heartfelt movie, laughing at a hilarious rom-com and learning about new subjects, including DIPG, through documentaries.  There have been some great additions to the children’s movie genre for families to enjoy together! Grab your popcorn and check out the top kids movie for 2020.

Highest Grossing Movie: Sonic the Hedgehog

This year may have been crazy, but people have still found time and ways to do what is important to them. Many immediate families were able to spend time together watching movies, going for walks to stay healthy, and playing with pets. Individuals found new passions and hobbies. Supporters and members of the Cristian Rivera Foundation found new ways to spread awareness about DIPG and raise money for continued research, even without the ability to gather for our annual gala. This year has been one of unpredictability and flexibility, but it has also seen laughter and love. We look forward to the new year and can not wait to continue our journey to a DIPG cure!

By Grace Ison

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