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September 14th 2008

Today Cristian had his 6th Birthday party. He was so happy to get the Nintendo Wii that i got him. Cristian’s eyes didn’t seem to improve nor did his walking. I am worried. I emailed the team at Memorial Sloane Kettering about my concerns.

September 11th 2008

September 11th,2001 the World Trade Center’s Twin Towers were hit by planes in a terrorist act. September 11th 2008 I was hit by something as well, “Bad News”. Dr Khakoo informed me that after examing Cristian she said his right side and eyes are getting worst.They did a scan and the fluids are not draining.

September 9th 2008

Cherly Fischer responded to my e-mail stating that they will exam Cristian on Thursday 9/11/08 and the move foward game plan was to put Cristian back on the Avastin and Irotecan starting this Thursday 9/11/08.

September 8th 2008

Cristian spent the night with me on Saturday and Sunday and I am very concerned because the weakness on his right side and also his eyes seem to be getting worst. The surgery was suppose to improve this.

September 1st 2008

Cristian was released today. He is walking around a bit, but with difficulty. I visited Cristian at home and although he was still unable to get around he was still his bossy self and demanded me to take him home with me.