October 16th 2008

Today Dr Khakoo called me and said that Cristian’s Port doesn’t seem to be working properly. This is the 2nd time that the port wasn’t working properly and the 3rd time Cristian is getting the same surgery.This is frustrating. Dr Soweidane called me and said that we are either going to fix the malfunction of the port or go with the other option that we originally discussed called the Third Ventriculostomy . Cristian will be admitted today and will have Surgery Friday. I went to the hospital and Cristian was in good spirits. His speech was slightly worst, and he wasn’t too active. He cannot really move his legs or his right arm too well. We are all very concerned. At the hospital Cristian had me and Kenya both massaging one foot each. One things the same, Cristian is making it very clear to us that he is still the Boss. Everyone who Loves Cristian are praying and have all the Faith that Cristian will be ok.

John “Gungie” Rivera
Forever Cristian’s Daddy