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  • Cristian’s journey is a wonderful book with a beautiful message! It is so amazing to read about Cristian’s dreams and aspirations. John Rivera has written such an incredible tribute to his son in a way that would be easy for people of all ages to understand. The illustrations, done by Bryan Vallejo, were beautifully done and really added to the quality of the book. I would highly recommend this book to any parent who wants to have a meaningful conversation with their child about life, as it is a great tool to be able to explain that although some people cannot be with us forever, we can carry their memories and legacy with us for as long as we are alive. I loved how this book includes Mark Souweidane, who is still working hard to this day to defeat DIPG and make sure that no child has to go through what Cristian went through. Overall, I love the positive message of this story, and I think it would make a great gift for any child.

  • This is a great wristband if you are looking to show your support for the Cristian Rivera Foundation! This foundation does such amazing work to fight DIPG and I really believe that they will find a cure one day, so it is amazing to be able to support them with a small purchase like this!


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