March 2008

Our dear friend Ralph Mercado Sr. Had fellow Christian Ismael Miranda (also the salsa signer from Fania Records) visit him at home. Ismael Miranda along with a fellow Pastor prayed for Ralph Sr. after the prayer was over he declared Ralph Sr. healed. Ralph had an MRI a few days later and Ralph’s tumor was gone. Praise the Lord!!! Ralph Mercado Jr. called Ismael Miranda who was in Boston at the time and asked him to come back to N.Y.C. to Pray for Cristian. Ismael Miranda had worked with me in the past while performing at a few Fania All Star Concerts I did in conjunction with Ralph Mercado Sr. In NY as well as P.R. Ismael Miranda drove to NY and prayed, along with Nicky Cruz and a fellow Pastor, They declared Cristian healed!!! Jenelle and I Believe!!!

John “Gungie” Rivera
Forever Cristian’s Daddy