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November 27th 2008

Cristian didn’t respond well during the attempt to wean him off the ventilator. Cristian seemed to be out of it and slept a lot today. He complained of headaches and was given morphine for the pain.

November 26th 2008

Cristian had surgery today to put the G-tube in. During surgery Cristian was on the ventilator to help him breath. The surgery took approximately 3 hours. The G-tube procedure is a Beach Ball like valve that is installed into the stomach in order to feed him and give him his meds.

November 25th 2008

We are awaiting the G-tube surgery which will take place Wednesday at 7 a.m. Nothing major to report. Cristian has been is good spirits. If all goes well with Cristian’s surgery, Cristian can be at St. Mary’s rehab facility as soon as Monday and after a few Weeks of Cristian being at St. Mary’s, Cristian can then go to our home.

November 22nd-24th 2008

Nothing much to report. Cristian has been in good spirits. We are hoping Cristian will have Surgery soon. This procedure has now been postponed two times. I have been spending a lot of time lying in bed with Cristian, resting, reading books to him and watching his favorite DVD’s with him.

November 21st 2008

Once again Cristian’s surgery was postponed. The Doctor conducting the surgery doesn’t feel Cristian is strong enough to have the surgery. It is a catch 22, because Cristian isn’t getting enough nutrients from the NG-tube and is getting weaker and the G-tube will get the nutrients to him to make him stronger yet he needs to be stronger before having the surgery to make him stronger.

November 19th 2008

We met with the surgeon that will be conducting the G-tube surgery today in order for us to fully understand the procedure. The procedure will consist on cutting close to Cristian’s belly button, but on the left side of it in order to have no complication with the shunt.

November 18th 2008

Cristian is better and isn’t showing any signs of exasperating. I bought Cristian many new DVD’s and we watched them, I also slept with Cristian. I read Cristian a few books and did my normal massage therapy.

November 13th 2008

Cristian exasperated today. This isn’t good. We have to get his G-tube in as soon as possible to prevent this. When someone with a trach tube exasperates, they can choke on their own vomit.

November 9th 2008

Cristian Temperature was low today and cultures had to be taken. Cristian had to have his Mediport reaccessed. It took 3 tries to get his Mediport reaccessed. This was so hard for me to watch and even harder for Cristian.