What is the entry fee for the 2nd Annual Cristian Rivera Foundation Full Steam Ahead 5K Walk/Run?
$35 through 12 noon on Friday, June 7, 2019.

Is there a minimum age to participate?
Yes, participants in the 2nd Annual Cristian Rivera Foundation Full Steam Ahead 5K Run/Walk must be at least 4 years old on event day.

When is the deadline to register for the 2nd Annual Cristian Rivera Foundation Full Steam Ahead  5K Walk/Run?
Online registration will close at 11pm on Friday, June 7, 2019.

Can I make a donation in addition to paying the registration fee?
Yes and we encourage you to do so! You will have the option to make an additional donation when registering.

Is any portion of my registration fee tax-deductible?
No. The entry fee helps cover the cost of producing the 2nd Annual Cristian Rivera Foundation Full Steam Ahead 5K Run/Walk and includes a participant t-shirt. This is why fundraising is so important! All donations made or raised above and beyond your entry fee are tax-deductible.

I can’t make it to Van Cortlandt Park on June 8, 2019 can I still be involved? 
Yes, you can register as a Virtual Participant to have an online fundraising page and receive a 2nd Annual Cristian Rivera Foundation Full Steam Ahead 5K Run/Walk t-shirt which will be mailed to you after the event. The registration fee is $35.

If I am no longer able to make it to the 2nd Annual Cristian Rivera Foundation Full Steam Ahead  5K Walk/Run after registering, can I get a refund or have someone else run/walk in my place?
No, participation is non-transferrable and registration fees are non-refundable. Thank you for understanding.


How do I create a team?
You can create a team when you register online by selecting the option to “Create a Team” – you will become the Team Captain and will be asked to enter the Team Name. Those who wish to join your team can then register by selecting the option to “Join a Team.”

Is there a limit on team size?
No – sign up as many teammates as you can!

How do I join a team?
To join an existing team, select the “Join a Team” option, and search for the team name. Once you find the team you wish to join, click Join, and proceed with registration.

How do I join a team if I am already registered as an individual?
Yes! Please contact us, and we will set the team up for you.

Can I create a new team after I have registered as an individual?
Yes! Please contact us, and we will set the team up for you.

I am a Team Captain – can I enroll all members of my team at one time?
Yes. If you have a large team of more than 5 people to register, please contact us and we will be happy to assist you.

Can I pay for my whole team by company check?
Yes, a team can submit one check from its company for every team member’s registration fee.

How do we register our company team if paying by check?
We will provide the Team Captain with a discount code that he or she will need to provide to each team member, who will then enter it when registering online. No credit card information will be required. Please note that discount codes cannot be issued until payment is received, so you will need to confirm the number of team members in advance. We appreciate the extra effort and planning this requires. Please contact crf5k@cristianriverafoundation.org if you plan to pay by company check.

Some of my teammates plan to run while others plan to walk, will we all have the same start time?
Yes, teams of runners and walkers can have the same start time.  To ensure everyone’s safety, team members who are walking should position themselves in the back of the pack at the start line, while runners should head to the front. Walkers should stay to the right, allowing runners to pass on the left.


Is there a minimum fundraising requirement?
The Minimum Suggested Fundraising amount is $200.00 per walker/runner. But we encourage each participant to raise as much as possible. Every dollar you raise will help us sustain and grow our programs. Please help us beat DIPG.

How will this event help fund DIPG research and trials?
100% of each donation raised in support of a participant’s run/walk will directly support ground breaking scientific research and trials.

How do I turn in any pledges collected offline?
If you have collected checks or cash in support of your run/walk, you may submit your collected pledges along with our offline donation form by mail to:

Cristian Rivera Foundation
PO Box 656
Edgewater, NJ 07020

Checks should be made payable to: Cristian Rivera Foundation.

Your pledges will be added to your scrolling total upon receipt. You may also bring collected pledges to the event on Saturday June 8th. Please be sure to indicate that the donations are in support of your run/walk or submit with a completed donation form so that you receive proper credit.

What is the pledge collection deadline?
12 noon on Friday, June 7th, 2019.


Please email crf5k@cristianriverafoundation.org for answers to any questions not addressed on the website. We will continue to update event details so please check back.