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You can purchase a Cristian Rivera Foundation wristband if you want to show your support. Click on the button to buy as many wristbands as you'd like. Every wristband sold helps us in our fight to cure DIPG.


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Also available are Cristian Rivera Foundation T-Shirts. Sporting a motif of black, white and Cristian’s favorite color blue, these t-shirts go with everything. They show Cristian’s face and his love for trains, and wearing one shows your love for the Cristian Rivera Foundation. Choose from four sizes below. T-shirts cost $20
, plus shipping and handling, with all proceeds going to the Foundation.


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Pre-Order Crisitan's Journey

Cristian, the youngest train operator in Big City history, takes pride in his train and he truly cares for every passenger who steps aboard.  He spreads his daily message with words of encouragement and his love quickly spreads throughout the Big City. 

Cristian also discovers that he is not feeling well and has a limited time to touch as many people as possible with his message. 

Despite it all, Cristian continues to move "Full Steam Ahead" with spreading his message of love and benevolence.  Step aboard and experience "Cristian's Journey", a tale about passion and never giving up despite the odds. 

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Cristian´s Journey

Pre-Order Cristian's Journey

Pre-Order Cristian's Journey

Pre-Order Cristian's Journey

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Cristian’s Journey
A Story Inspired by John “Gungie” Rivera, “Forever Cristian’s Daddy”

Written by
John “Gungie” Rivera

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100% of the proceeds from the purchase of
“Cristian´s Journey” will be donated to support
Dr. Mark Souweidane´s D.I.P.G. trials at
Weill Cornell Medical Center. Thank you for bringing us closer to a cure.