Maddox Pearl

Maddox Pearl AKA Madman is a wonderful 5 year old boy who was diagnosed with DIPG at 4 years old on 8/26/22. Prior to diagnosis Maddox was the neverending Energizer bunny, from the moment he woke up until the moment he went to bed he was on the go. He was the perfect example of a wild and adventurous little boy. He is an only child and a mommy’s boy.

Since diagnosis Maddox has declined substantially, he can no longer talk, he has a feeding tube and he is pretty much couch bound. DIPG has stolen everything from him: days once filled with swimming, camping, side by side rides and just plain old running are now filled with PT and OT. They are filled with doctors visits and needles, and for a little boy who was once so independent, it scared his mother, Katelyn, who described it as “the worst torture”. He has endured 35 rounds of brain radiation and will have 10 rounds of spine. He was on the PNOCO22 trial and unfortunately went into progression.

Who is Maddox?
Before all this Maddox loved anything that had to do with being outside. He loves his dogs, Tyson and Nava, and he loves being with family. He and Katelyn were rarely ever home by themselves – Maddox either wanted people over or he wanted to go somewhere.

❤️Maddox has always been obsessed with trains, specifically steam engines – the more smoke the better! So hop aboard the Maddox Express and let’s push on Full Steam Ahead! You can follow his story on Facebook @Teammadman or help donate by ordering some of Maddox’s merchandise at the links below!

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