Joan Paskalev

Joan Paskalev is a strong 5 year old boy who was diagnosed with DIPG at the age of 4 in July 2022. Joan was diagnosed after, one day, his parents, Boris and Elena, noticed that his eyes were crossed.

Even after his diagnosis, Joan was still able to go to kindergarten and has been happy and joyful through it all. Boris, describes him as “sunshine when he walks into a room” and has said that this disease is “hell on earth”.

Joan has since then undergone radiation and is currently participating in UCSF clinical trials. His family has traveled from Switzerland all the way to San Francisco for Joan to start a new type of experimental trial, in hopes of being cured.

Boris is now solely focusing on finding a cure, dedicating his life to accelerating treatment for Joan. Boris and Elena have founded a non-profit called Swiss to Cure DIPG. If you would like to support Joan and his family, visit the website below.
Swiss to Cure DIPG