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Jillian Aguila Rotolado

Jillian was born on Oct. 4th, 2014. On Nov. 24th 2020, a month and a half after her 6th birthday, she was diagnosed with the rare brain tumor known as DIPG. Jillian’s mother Yve first realized something was off when she noticed that Jillian’s eyes were crossed. She immediately brought Jillian to the ophthalmologist who then requested an MRI. After a visit to the emergency room, it was then that the doctors confirmed it was DIPG. It was very difficult at the beginning of Jillian’s diagnosis. “She couldn’t eat or even drink water, “ said Yve, Jillian’s mother. However, after receiving 30 sessions of radiotherapy and steroid medications to manage her symptoms, Jillian has been doing much better and many of her symptoms have resolved.

Who is Jillian?

Jillian is a sweet, outgoing little girl who loves princesses and dressing up. She loves Hello Kitty, her favorite color is pink, and like many kids her age, Jillian is crazy about TikTok. She is very close to her younger brother Ivan, who is only a year apart from her. According to her mother, Jillian is unique from other kids because she is very mature for her age. We can agree that anyone who has been through what Jillian has at her age would have a remarkably strong sense of character.

We Love You 10!

The National Cancer Institute allots less than 5% of taxpayer funding to pediatric cancer research, and that’s for all pediatric cancers. Of that already slim percentage, DIPG research specifically takes a backseat in comparison to more common cancers. This is why saving the lives of children affected by DIPG is up to family foundations like ours.

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Jillian Aguila Retolado’s Fund Raising Project. Battle against DIPG


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Jillian Aguila Retolado’s Fund Raising Project. Battle against DIPG.