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Help Lily

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When you’re growing up, being a little clumsy is normal. But for Lily Jha, what her parents thought were normal developmental changes spiraled into something worse than they could ever imagine. Before quarantine, life was quite normal for Lily – playing outside, laughing, having fun with friends, and spending time with her little sister. Shortly after lockdown began, Lily’s family began noticing changes in her. She was seemingly irritable, much more clumsy than before, and for a child who is usually the light at the end of the tunnel, these behaviors were worrisome for her family. 

July 24th became one of the scariest days for Lily and her family. That day her parents noticed she couldn’t walk correctly and immediately took her to A&E at Royal Victoria Infirmary in Newcastle upon Tyne in the UK. The next day, they received results that showed signs of the rare brain tumor known as DIPG (Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma). Devastatingly, Lily was given less than one year to live. That is something no parent should have to hear, especially about their 8-year-old little girl. 

Currently, there are no clinical trials in the UK, so her parents are scrambling to find a trial within the USA or Switzerland. The problem with trials outside of your home country is if you are not a resident of the country the trial takes place in, you must pay for everything on your own. This is why donations are so crucial for Lily and her family. Both her parents are full-time employees, who are feeling extremely helpless. 

In order for Lily to become an eligible candidate for a clinical trial, her family must come up with proper funding before this December. Lily deserves more than just knowing a life with DIPG. She’s a young girl who wants nothing more than to grow up and be the best big sister she can be. She wants to travel and make memories, visit Disneyworld, go to high school, and accomplish so many other stepping stones in life. In order to help make those opportunities a reality, her family needs help with spreading awareness about their situation and with fundraising. You can donate directly to Lily’s family through her GoFundMe shown in this page and follow them on all social media platforms @lightsforlily. Until then, Full Steam Ahead!

Want to take your donation further? Help spread the word about Lily by sharing her story on your social media account(s)! Post the caption and picture below and be sure to tag us @cristianriverafoundation. Together we can all help Lily and her family fight DIPG!


Lily is an 8-year-old girl from the UK whose life changed forever in July 2020. She received the devastating news of having DIPG (Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma), an inoperable tumor found on the brainstem that has no cure. Lily’s parents recently started a campaign called ‘Lights for Lily’ in hopes of raising funds so Lily can access life-prolonging treatment via clinical trials that are only available overseas.

Lily and her family must raise enough money before this December for her to still be eligible for a clinical trial. The Cristian Rivera Foundation is doing all they can to help Lily and her family. Please consider joining my efforts to help by donating to Lily here We can help relieve their financial burden, bring Lily to the right place, and begin treatment. A donation of any amount can truly make a big difference in Lily’s life.

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Lily is an 8-year-old with DIPG, a rare brain tumor. She is seeking life-prolonging treatment overseas via clinical trials. Lily needs to raise enough money before December to be eligible for a clinical trial. Please consider donating