Today we would like to extend our heartfelt regards to the family of our angel Javier “Buji” Villamil, who earned his wings three years ago today. Help us stop DIPG before another child is lost too soon.

Happy 14th Birthday Javier “Buji” Villamil


Happy birthday to DIPG Angel Javier “Buji” Villamil born April 26th, 1998. Buji was diagnosed with DIPG just short of his 11th birthday April 13th, 2009 and fought for eight and a half months until he left this world at peace in his own home with his mother and father on January 4th, 2010. Buji was a very athletic young man who enjoyed playing baseball in a pee-wee league and basketball on an all-star team. Our thoughts are with his family and his aunt, Cristian Rivera Foundation Committee Member Fulvia Lora on his 14th birthday today. Rest in peace, angel.

Remembering Javier “Buji” Villamil

Javier “Buji” Villamil

Wednesday, January 4, 2012 marked two years since DIPG took the life of an amazing young boy named Javier “Buji” Villamil. During his short life, Buji was a great athlete who loved sports, George Lopez, iCarly and Scooby Snacks fruit snacks. He earned his wings a few months shy of his 12th birthday and will forever be missed by his family—including his mom Rosemary Lora, dad Gabriel Villamil and aunt Fulvia Lora, a committee member with the Cristian Rivera Foundation—as well as his friends and everyone who has had the pleasure to meet him. We at the Cristian Rivera Foundation are keeping Buji and his family in our thoughts and prayers on this difficult anniversary.