Breaking CRF News: Brandon Stanton, of Humans of New York, to receive 2016 Humanitarian Award at the 8th Annual Cristian Rivera Foundation’s Celebrity Fundraising Gala

brandon-stanton-instagram   The Cristian Rivera Foundation has amazing news to share! This years’ Cristian Rivera Foundation’s Humanitarian Award recipient is Brandon Stanton. Brandon is the founder of the incredibly popular Humans of New York! Earlier this year, Brandon ran a story and a subsequent fundraising campaign to benefit Dr. Mark Souweidane. We were impressed with Brandon’s dedication to humanity. We are honored that Brandon accepted the award and we look forward to hearing him speak at the Gala.

Dr. Souweidane Treats Final Patient in Groundbreaking DIPG Clinical Trial


Dr. Mark Souweidane today treated the final patient in his Phase I clinical trial of convection-enhanced delivery (CED) for diffuse intrinsic pontine glioma (DIPG). The trial, which had enrolled 31 patients over the past four years, was designed to test the safety of CED as a means of delivering a cancer-fighting drug directly to the site of a DIPG tumor. (More about the DIPG trial.)

The trial received FDA approval in late 2011, and the first patient was treated in May 2012. (Read “Cheering for Caitlin,” a profile of the first patient.) Since then, 30 children have received infusions of a therapeutic agent called 124I-8H9, which consists of the 8H9 antibody (produced by mice and effective against many kinds of tumors) combined with the radioactive substance 124I. The dosage of the drug was increased over the course of the trial, also testing safety, but no dose-limiting side effects occurred in any patient.

The infusions, which were done at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, were able to deliver the drug directly to the brain stem tumor and were not blocked by the body’s protective blood-brain barrier, which normally prevents chemotherapy drugs from crossing from the bloodstream into the brain in sufficient concentrations to attack a tumor. In this trial, Dr. Souweidane was able to achieve concentrations of 1,000 times or more than what can be achieved with IV chemotherapy. He was also able to design and test new ways to measure those concentrations at the tumor site and monitor how long the drug stayed in the tumor.

Dr. Souweidane and his team will spend the next several months evaluating the data and preparing the results for publication. In the meantime, researchers in the Children’s Brain Tumor Project laboratory have been working to pave the road for the next stages of the trial. Other drugs and drug combinations are being tested to determine what the best agents are to infuse, and at what dose levels. DIPG cell lines are also being grown in the lab, providing a rich source of information about how the tumor mutates over time and responds to different treatments in vitro as well as in animal models. (More about the Children’s Brain Tumor Project.)

Read the blog post written by Dr. Souweidane after he treated the final patient in the trial, click the link below

The National Coalition of Latino Officers Foundation New York and New Jersey Invite you to Their Fundraiser and Awards Dinner
Friday June 10, 2016


The National Coalition of Latino Officers Foundation New York and New Jersey Invite you to Their Fundraiser and Awards Dinner

two of the honorees this evening will be Cristian Rivera Foundation Board of Director Darlene Rodriguez Anchor of the award winning NBC’s “Today In New York” & Cristian Rivera Foundation Committee Friend Eddie Caban Inspector, New York City Police Department

Friday June 10, 2016 7pm to 11pm

Fiesta Banquets 255 State Highway 17 South Wood-Ridge, NJ 07075

Tickets $110 p/p Three Course Dinner and Open Bar all night Please reserve your table early to purchase your ticket please contact: Information: Tel: (800) 982-6256 or visit

Dr. Mark Souweidane on Humans of NY

tumblr_o7fn4nw2dh1qggwnvo1_1280   Humans of NY has been doing a 2–week series on pediatric cancer (patients, families, providers) at Memorial Sloan Kettering. Mark Souweidane was interviewed for the series on Tuesday and his segments were posted on Wednesday. It has been an amazing phenomenon for two straight days now – literally hundreds of thousands of comments, likes, shares, and a veritable outpouring of support and love for Mark and his work. You really have to see it to believe it – and it’s truly amazing to read the comments and see the project through the eyes of people hearing about it for the first time. To Read About it, click the link below

Cristian Rivera Foundation’s annual gala to cure rare childhood cancer is set for Nov. 17


Follow here to read The New York Daily News article published Today Sat 11/14 which highlights The Cristian Rivera Foundation’s drive and dedication to find a cure for DIPG and the upcoming Gala Tues Nov 17th at the Broad Street Ballroom.

The Cristian Rivera Foundation is Proud to Introduce One of Our New Committee Members: Carlos J Yepez


Bio Carlos J. Yepez, is a current VP Branch Manager with PNC Bank in West Windsor NJ and President of PNC Bank Latino Employee Resource Group in the Central NJ Market.

With Over 15 years of banking experience, Carlos has managed to make a positive impact on his clients overall financial well-being. He is a strong leader in the community and is always engaged in community events delivering brand awareness for PNC Bank and himself.

He is a father of two wonderful children Angelica and Noah and Husband to an Amazing Wife Brenda. Carlos is a Native New Yorker and currently resides in New Jersey. Being born in “El Barrio” he loved listening to all kinds of Latin Music especially Salsa. Carlos is the Lead Singer for Nelson Toress’ Grupo Decision a Bronx based Salsa Band and loves teaching his kids all about their culture through Latin Music.

Statement “Being asked to join the Cristian Rivera Foundation is a true honor. I never had the privilege of personally meeting Cristian Rivera but through his foundation I feel as if I already knew him. Through his pictures you can see the innocence and kind heart this young man had. Being a father myself I can’t fathom the thought of losing a child. I have had the pleasure of meeting John “Gungie” Rivera, Cristian’s father who has given me the opportunity to support the foundation as a committee member. The passion and drive that this foundation delivers is contagious. The goal of finding a cure for DIPG, Creating Awareness, and Delivering Support to those affected are impactful.”

“I am excited to become a part of the Cristian Rivera Foundation Family.”

NBC´s Darlene Rodriguez speaks with
The Cristian Rivera Foundation´s Founder
John “Gungie” Rivera and Dr. Mark Souweidane About Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma (DIPG)

  Cristian Rivera Foundation Committee Member Darlene Rodriguez sat down with Cristian Rivera Foundation founder John “Gungie” Rivera and Dr. Mark Souweidane of Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center and Weill Cornell Medical College to learn more about DIPG and the Cristian Rivera Foundation’s amazing efforts to fund research into its cure. The segment aired on Monday September 30, the same day that Rodriguez hosted the Fifth Annual Cristian Rivera Foundation Gala. To see the full segment, visit!/on-air/as-seen-on/The-Cristian-Rivera-Foundation/225787111.

New York City Marathon Participant Runs
in Honor of Cristian Rivera

  The Cristian Rivera Foundation had a presence at this year’s New York City Marathon thanks to the dedication of Kimberly Colon-Moller. This was Kimberly’s fifth time running the marathon and this year, she decided to use the event to raise awareness about Pontine Glioma. As she ran through all five boroughs of New York City, Kimberly not only wore her Cristian Rivera Foundation signature blue wristband but also a picture of Cristian. “I wear my bracelet everyday,” she explained, “and I thought wearing his picture might make more people curious about the foundation and hopefully contribute to the cause.” Kimberly’s assumption proved to be correct as “many people asked who he was and I explained that he was the son of a longtime friend who passed away from this terrible disease and that a foundation has been established in his memory,” she continued. “I also provided the website for more info and if they wanted to donate.” Kimberly completed the marathon in 5 hours 22 minutes and 4 seconds, and Cristian was with her every step of the way