Event Info


Is there a course map available?
Yes, Follow Here to view the course map.

When I see the finish line for the first time, am I done already or do I need to keep going?
If you want to complete the whole 5K, KEEP GOING! You have to walk/run the trail 2 times to complete 5K.

How long will the 2nd Annual Cristian Rivera Foundation Full Steam Ahead  5K Walk/Run take?
This depends on each participant’s fitness level and speed. Competitive runners may finish in 20 minutes, while the average runner may take 40 minutes to finish. Walkers should complete the route in about an hour and change.

Is this a timed race? 
Yes. Official results will be posted here within two days after the event. Please be patient.

Is the 2nd Annual Cristian Rivera Foundation Full Steam Ahead  5K Walk/Run a qualifying race?
No, this event is about having fun and raising funds!

I might get tired and be unable to finish, what should I do?
No problem, just find a volunteer or staff member and inform them. Please note that your finish time will not be accurately recorded if you do not complete the whole 5K route.

I realized after registering as an individual that I want to run or walk with friends, family members or colleagues. What should I do?
If there is an oversight in the registration process on a participant’s end, we can assist you with changing your participation plans. We can create a new team for you or add you to an existing team and ensure you have the same start time as friends, family members or colleagues. Just send an email to crf5k@cristianriverafoundation.org.


What time will I need to arrive at Van Cortlandt Park?
Participants should arrive 30-45 minutes prior to your assigned start time.

How do I get to Van Cortlandt Park?

Will parking be available at the Park?
There is plenty of free parking near the location of the park. For the participants who prefer to park their car in a garage, Putnam Gardens Parking is nearby, the address is 3815 Putnam Ave W, Bronx, NY 10463.

Where should I enter Van Cortlandt Park upon arrival?
Upon arrival you will see a Tortoise & Hare Sculpture which is located on 246th Street and Broadway, this is where you should enter to participate.

Is there a bag check area provided?
This answer will be provided in the next few days.

Are bags permitted in the spectator area?
Bags will be permitted in the spectator area.

*Please note that the Cristian Rivera Foundation isn’t responsible for any items or bags that get lost, stolen or go missing.

Are strollers permitted along the 5K route?
Strollers are permitted along the 5K, just make sure to let us know if you will be participating with a stroller in the registration.

Will there be water stations along the 5K route?
Yes. There will be several water stations along the route.

Will there be medical personnel?
Yes. The medical personnel will be located by the registration section.

Can my friends and family watch?
Friends and family will be allowed to watch from designated areas. Volunteers and staff will help guide friends and family the day of the race, of where to stand.

Can my friends and family meet me at the finish line?
No, in order for the next races to start on time, family and friends will not be allowed at the finish line. After their race, runners can meet their family and friends in designated areas.

Will I receive an event t-shirt and finisher’s medal?
Yes. Participants in the CRF 5K Walk/Run will receive an event t-shirt and medal.

What happens if it rains?

The CRF 5K Walk/Run will take place rain or shine, barring any extreme weather conditions that would put the safety of our participants at risk.

Please email crf5k@cristianriverafoundation.org for answers to any questions not addressed on the website.  We will continue to update event information so please check back!