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Francesco Quattrone

Francesco Quattrone

Francesco Quattrone joined our board in January 2020 and has been such a great addition to our board. Francesco grew up in a close-knit Italian family in New Jersey where he currently lives with his lovely wife and two kids. He owns SuperMarket Italy which is an online marketplace that specializes in selling a variety of high-quality food products. The business opened up in 2009 and has grown to about 100 employees. As an expert on great food, Francesco’s favorite Italian food is spaghetti and clams. In his free time he likes to make memories with his family and exercise.

Francesco met our founder John through Andy Epstein, the Chairman of our board. Andy owns B&A Food Brokers, a company founded in 1985 that focuses on food service and retail trades. Francesco has been buying and selling Andy’s products for a long time and moved into Andy’s building in Hoboken in 2017. As their friendship and business partnership grew, Andy invited Francesco  to CRF’s Annual Celebrity Gala. At that time, Francesco had recently had a son and John’s story really resonated with him as a new father. Francesco became passionate about DIPG and became a Bronze sponsor for the foundation’s gala.

Francesco later joined our board in January of 2020. Unfortunately, he has not been able to experience many events as a board member, due to the ongoing pandemic. However, he is excited to become more involved in future fundraising initiatives. His favorite memory so far of CRF was our 11th Annual Celebrity Gala in 2019.

When asked what values all board members should possess, Francesco answered, “I believe honesty and compassion are two of the most important characteristics”. He has high hopes for the future of DIPG and our organization as he wants to find a cure so no more people have to suffer from this horrible illness. Francesco wants CRF to eventually grow to be an international organization so that we can help more children around the world.

Francesco loves CRF’s mission and can not wait to become more involved in future events. He believes that our work is critical and was amazed when he met DIPG survivor Lisha Ayala at our last gala. He wants to see more people survive this disease like Lisha and is excited to see what the future has in store for CRF.

By Clara Jude

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