Kenan Thompson on “Saturday Night Live”
in the age of Trump


Kenan Thompson has been a series regular on “Saturday Night Live” for over a decade now.

The comedian has myriad hilarious impersonations to his name since joining the show 14 seasons ago. His most memorable impressions include those of public figures such as Rev. Al Sharpton, Charles Barkley and Steve Harvey.

There have been few moments in recent years in which the talents of the “SNL” cast members were watched more closely than during the recent presidential campaign between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.

Week after week, viewers tuned in to the show for some much-needed comic relief, but it wasn’t all laughs behind the scenes, as Thompson explained to CBS News.

“It was interesting for us because, you know, we tried to play the middle and not play favorites or whatever. It was tough holding up the mirror to people who we actually do admire in the same facet, but we did have to be fair to both sides,” Thompson said.

He made the comments at a recent event for the Cristian Rivera Foundation, a group working to help find the cure for the Pontine Glioma brain stem tumor. Thompson, who is on the foundation’s board, spoke more about the election after presenting an award onstage.

“You know, I guess the outcome of the election wasn’t necessarily what I wanted, but we all respect democracy and are just going to go with the flow and keep doing what we do. I do think it’s funny Trump and Alec Baldwin keep going back and forth on Twitter.”

When asked which “SNL” sketch resonated most with him throughout the campaign, he quickly shared his response.

“Black Jeopardy. The sketch was an awesome representation of people’s personalities, which I think was why it went viral the way it did,” he said. “People kind of went, ‘Oh yeah, exactly,’ you know what I mean? Which I thought was awesome. We were holding up the mirror of the climate — as far as black people are concerned and also to those who voted for Trump.”

As far as the president-elect’s war of words with Baldwin, Thompson noted, “I don’t think there is much rationalizing Trump’s thoughts. He kind of just thinks and does what he wants to do. I do think it’s an interesting time we are living in where we can actually see the president of the United States literally arguing with someone on Twitter. It’s really crazy.”


The Cristian Rivera Foundation Raises $10,000
with Successful Theater Event


The Cristian Rivera Foundation hosted a successful charity performance of award-winning bilingual musical DC-7, The Roberto Clemente Story on Thursday, March 22. The event, which included a two-hour red carpet event catered by Celebrity Chef and Cristian Rivera Foundation Committee Member Alex Garcia, the executive chef at Babalu Restaurant and Lounge in the Bronx, raised $10,000 toward Dr. Mark Souweidane’s pioneering clinical trials aimed at finding a cure for DIPG. Dr. Souweidane attended the performance and as he accepted the check live on stage from Cristian Rivera Foundation founder John “Gungie” Rivera and all of the committee members in attendance, he announced that his team is within weeks of treating the first patient. Among the night’s high-profile attendees were The Real Housewives of New Jersey star Danielle Staub and Cristian Rivera Foundation Committee Members sportscaster and humanitarian Roberto Clemente Jr., founder of the Puerto Rican Traveling Theatre Miriam Colon, businessman Elis Pacheco, founder and president of Metropolitan Recording Corporation Jerry Salerno, DJ Tedsmooth, music producer Aldo Marin, Red Entertainment Group founder Carlos Keyes, businessman Jeff Lavino, David Letterman Show staffer Karen Cerna, real estate agent Fulvia Lora, Bronx Base Builders founder William Padilla, information technology manager Steve Cox, X-Interactive Media founder Carlos Colon, philanthropist Dolores Catania.

Cristian Rivera Foundation Mini Fundraiser a Success!


3841 East Tremont Ave in the Bronx was jam-packed last night with supporters of the Cristian Rivera Foundation. Committee Members Robert Vazquez and DJ Lucho sponsored the event. Committee members Steve Cox, Fulvia Lora, and Solange Osorio were on hand to help produce the event. Committee member and La Mega 97.9’s DJ Wreck killed it on the one’s and two’s with hits that made the crowd wave into sync, followed by Committee Member DJ Tedsmooth who kept the crowd rockin’. Dozens of signature blue Cristian Rivera Foundation wristbands were spotted on the dance floor showing a promising future for the Cristian Rivera Foundation’s mission to spread awareness. Thanks to support like the one shown last night, the hope that no more families will have to suffer through this deteriorating disease is becoming more and more concrete. Full Steam Ahead.

Latin Kitchen Holds Successful Mini-Fundraiser
for the Cristian Rivera Foundation



Bronx restaurant Latin Kitchen was the site of the Cristian Rivera Foundation’s most recent mini-fundraiser event on July 29. The restaurant, located at 3841 East Tremont Avenue, becomes a lounge every Thursday night and on this particular Thursday, everyone who came after 10pm paid a $10 donation and received one of the Cristian Rivera Foundation’s signature blue wristbands. Latin Kitchen’s DJ Lucho Concepcion and Robert Vasquez organized the event, which featured music from resident DJ Victor Vargas, as well as Cristian Rivera Foundation Committee Member DJ Tedsmooth. Committee Members Kenya Bradix, Solange Osorio and Steve Cox were all there to support the cause. Lots of John “Gungie” Rivera’s friends, as well as friends of the Cristian Rivera Foundation came out and everyone had a great time.