Remembering Cristian Rivera Foundation
Honorary Committee Member
The Late & Great Anthony Mason
on what would have been his
50th Birthday


Today, December 14th, the Cristian Rivera Foundation would like to take a moment and wish our Honorary Committee Member, the Late and Great Anthony Mason a very Happy Birthday in Heaven.

Anthony Mason was an amazing committee member and was so dedicated to the foundation and to our mission of never to relenting in our fight until we find a cure for DIPG. Anthony Mason’s work ethic and dedication still resonates with  The Cristian Rivera Foundation, we have made remarkable progress in finding a cure because of Anthony’s vision.

“Being on the Cristian Rivera Foundation Committee means a lot to me,” Mason stated proudly. “I know what it’s like with my own kids and though you can never know what it’s like for someone to lose a child, I can only imagine since I know how I feel when my kids only get hurt. I want people to get involved and start doing the research to cure this disease because we as parents should not have to bury our children.”

Anthony Mason is a legend, and will forever be missed.

Remembering Our Little Angel Cristian Rivera´s 14th Birthday


Today, 9/13/16, would’ve marked Cristian Rivera´s 14th birthday.  The Cristian Rivera honors him by raising awareness to help rid the world of D.I.P.G.  Every child should have an opportunity to grow and leave their mark on the world.

Please help us by making a tax deductible donation and/or sharing this email with your friends, family & colleagues.

Due to the tireless efforts of Dr. Mark Souweidane and Dr. Oren Becker and their dedication to the Pediatrics Neurosurgery community, we are close to curing D.I.P.G.  YOU may be the difference we need to change the world!

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For more information on DIPG and the Cristian Rivera Foundation, visit

Happy Birthday to Cristian’s Mommy, Jenelle Asencio


The Cristian Rivera Foundation wants to wish a happy birthday to Cristian’s mommy, Jenelle Asencio. On January 25, 2009, she lost her son Cristian to DIPG and this loss sparked the foundation to spread awareness and raise money for a cure. Jenelle found a way to channel her grief positively, and has set off to become a nurse and help other children in their time of need. We applaud this courageous woman for showing so much strength while facing unbearable tragedy.

Happy 10th birthday Meg Wasley


Margaret “Meg” Wasley was born April 11th, 2002. Her love of fashion and style established her dream to model and walk a runway. In eight years, Meg was able to fulfill some of her dreams. Meg attended the Make-A-Wish Foudation-themed birthday party of Aoki Lee Simmons and was featured on Kimora: Life in the Fab Lane, getting her hair and makeup done on television. Meg shows us that no matter what, you can still smile and be happy. Fighting for almost a year, this princess earned her wings on January 10th, 2011. Today, she is surely celebrating her 10th birthday in style in a carefully selected outfit. Meg, our thoughts are with your family today and we know you will continue to smile down on them to bring them the light you always did. Rest in peace, angel.

Remembering Delaney Starcher


Happy 8th birthday to DIPG angel, Delaney Starcher born April 1st, 2004. “Laney Bug” was diagnosed on October 9th, 2008 at just over 4 years old and about a year later on December 1st, 2009 this little angel earned her wings. She won her battle and found her place in heaven, where she watches over her mom and step-dad, sisters and brother. Delaney was the uplifting spirit to all around her and we’re sure that will never change. Happy birthday, angel.

Remembering Isaiah Ryan Garza


Isaiah was a strong spirit that surrounded him with friends. He loved for others to be happy and wanted to make a difference in the world. We applaud his strong will to do so. Born on July 21st, 1992, Isaiah was 12 years old when he was diagnosed with DIPG and it was two years later, April 1st, 2006 that he became an angel. Our thoughts reach out to Isaiah’s family on this day. You will never be forgotten, Isaiah. We’re sure you’re doing wonderful things in heaven. Keep watching over and rest peacefully.

Remembering Brendan Duhaime


Happy 9th Birthday to DIPG Angel Brendan Duhaime! Brendan was diagnosed just a day before Thanksgiving, November 25th 2009 and lost his battle June 18th 2011. DIPG might have taken his physical strength, but as the exuberant young man he was, it never took his spirit. The lives he touched in just 8 years is apparent and all of us at the Cristian Rivera Foundation will keep Brendan and his family in our thoughts as our hearts hang low today. However, the sun is shining brightly on the warmest day of the year so far and we know it’s for you sweetheart.

The Cristian Rivera Foundation Remembers
Faith Sonia Griffin on Her 9th Birthday


Today, Tuesday November 22, 2011, marks what would have been Faith Sonia Griffin’s 9th birthday. Sadly, Faith is not here with us to celebrate her big day. After fighting bravely against DIPG for approximately 13 months, Faith earned her wings on November 2, 2008. Faith, her parents Charles and Sonia, and her younger brother Elijah are in our hearts and our thoughts today.

Monday September 13th is
Cristian Rivera’s 8th Birthday and the
Official Childhood Cancer Awareness Day


Monday September 13th 2010 is Cristian Rivera’s 8th birthday and this year the official National Childhood Cancer Awareness Day falls on the same day. Please take a moment to remember Cristian Rivera and support the Cristian Rivera Foundation so that we may save the lives of 300 kids a year, and allow them to celebrate their birthday with their loved ones.

I Love You Cristian.

John “Gungie” Rivera
Forever Your Daddy