Mark A Rosner
Age- 54
Born- New York City
Reside- Jericho, NY
Graduated- York College, CUNY
Married- Leslie
Children- Rachel, Carly and Adam
Occupation- Manager, Compucolor Associates, Inc.


What Cristian Rivera meant to me - Cristian Rivera showed me what is meant by the phrase “fighter”. Throughout his entire ordeal he always had a smile whenever I saw him.  When Cristian was about 2 years old I remember him being bright eyed and full of energy captivating everyone in John’s office.  A few short years later after I learned that he was diagnosed with Pontine Glioma I again saw him in John’s office.  This time he was huddled on one of John’s chairs.  He sat up, looked up at me with his big dark eyes smiled, said hi and slapped me five.  I don’t remember how far advanced the tumor was, but it was already draining the vim and vigor out of Cristian.  I remember coming home that night and telling my wife, Leslie that “this isn’t fair.”

I hope that through the work of this committee we can first bring an awareness of this terrible disease that most people have never heard of.  Through early awareness there may be children who can be diagnosed and receive treatment that may save their life.  Through research new or alternative treatments may be found so the suffering from this horrible disease can end.