Bio -
Pablo Diaz; Born June 3, 1970 in Corona Queens. He is the youngest of four kids born from Dominican Republic immigrant parents.
Pablo Diaz on April 2009 made 20 years in the Entertainment business as a promotions, marketing and sales professional. Has worked with some of the world’s biggest Latin Artist like Julio Iglesia, Gloria Estefan and Gilberto Santa Rosa to name a few. Worked for years developing his promotions, marketing, public relations and sales skills with companies like Sony Music and BMG Latin. Pablo got his break when CEO John “Gungie” Rivera of Prestigio Recordings hired Pablo to run his record company and later after 9 years promoted Pablo to VP of Mr. Rivera’s newest venture Victory 2 Multimedia. At vctory2 multimedia Pablo has worked along side New York Mayoral candidate Fernando Ferrer, Non-for profit organization Promesa and New York City’s biggest nightclubs marketing and producing some of New York’s most memorable events.

Statement -
Cristian Rivera:
“What a blessing my life has been to have shared so many wonderful memories with Cristian. From ordering his favorite Thomas train online while he sat at my computer to bossing around the staff in the office. Cristian always demanded never asked for what he wanted. His wonderful smile and bossy attitude was so contagious. I still think about him and can only smile to think what a gift Cristian was. I miss him deeply.”    

The Foundation: When John “Gungie’ Rivera asked me to be part of the foundation’s committee, my response was “it would be an honor to be part of the Cristian Rivera Foundation”.  What a wonderful opportunity to Honor Cristian in such a perfect way. Let’s find a cure “Full Steam Ahead”.      

Why a Cure:  "My first experience of this horrific disease Pontine Glioma was Cristian Rivera. I saw my friend of 15 years Cristains’s father John Rivera and his entire family’s spirits nearly destroyed because of this disease. It’s the saddest and most disturbing thing I have ever experienced in my life. You feel helpless and useless. I saw the happiest and brightest 6 year old boy deteriorate right in front of my eyes. One never fully recovers from its effects.
More needs to be done to help find a cure before other children suffer and more families are destroyed."