Kenan Thompson was born May 10th, 1978 in Atlanta Georgia. His first foray into acting came at a young age when he joined the TBS program "Movies for Kids" as one of several child movie critics. It was during this show that he reviewed the movie "Mighty Ducks" and got to meet some of the stars of that movie. He was pursued by their people in an attempt to include him in "Mighty Ducks 2", which he later won a role in.

From 1994-2000 Kenan was an integral part of Nickelodeon's two highest rated shows. In 1994 he was cast in the highly popular kid's show, "All That" on Nickelodeon, which he followed up with another highly successful show on the same network titled "Kenan and Kel." He won a Kid's Choice Award in 1998-'99 for his continued success on both shows.

While starring on Nickelodeon, Kenan continued to land parts in the movie. First, he was cast in "Heavyweights" in 1995, followed by "Mighty Ducks 3" in 1996, "GoodBurger" in 1997, "Rocky and Bullwinkle" in 2000, "Love Don't Cost a Thing" 2003, "Barbershop 2" in 2004, the lead role in "Fat Albert" in 2004 and "Snakes on a Plane" in 2006.

Kenan currently stars as a member of the "Saturday Night Live", of which he's been a member since 2003. He is the first member to join the cast that wasn't born yet when the show first aired. He is also currently the only African American castmember. Kenan also had guest appearances on such TV shows as "Felicity", "The Steve Harvey Show" and "Sister, Sister".


Being part of the Cristian Rivera Foundation means a lot to me. Working to save children's lives is a very important and inspiring thing. I've known John for seven years and I had the pleasure of meeting Cristian a couple of times. I remember what a happy child he was and how loving the relationship was between John and Cristian. It was like they were friends and they would feed off of each other. When John came to me and told me what had happened to Cristian and what he was doing to fight this disease, my first thought was "how can I help?" No child should have to suffer like that. I have young children in my family—nieces, nephews and cousins—so I can imagine what it would be like to lose them, although no one can truly understand that level of heartbreak unless they've gone through it firsthand. I'm very excited to be involved in this foundation in any way I can.