Fernando Ferrer was Borough President of The Bronx from 1987 to 2001, and was a candidate for Mayor of New York in 2001 and the Democratic Party nominee for Mayor in 2005. During his 14-year tenure as Bronx borough president, Ferrer created housing for about 66,000 families. The borough saw a significant drop in crime, particularly in the South Bronx neighborhood, and a steady rise in business and real estate investment. He is currently Co-Chairman of Mercury, a high-stakes public strategy firm, located in New York City. Ferrer is also a director of Sterling National Bank and Sterling Bancorp, as well as the Regional Plan Association.


When I see a picture of Cristian, I see his father, John “Gungie” Rivera. One can only imagine the passionate and complete person he would have become, had he survived. I am happy and honored to be part of the Cristian Rivera Foundation because I, too, want to be part of finding a cure for Pontine Glioma. As a parent myself, it is impossible for me to imagine the loss of a son or daughter. A cure for Pontine Glioma would mean that fewer mothers and fathers will have to know that awful loss. Being part of the Cristian Rivera Foundation gives me the opportunity to make a difference for children and their parents, too.