Deputy inspector Edward Caban is a native of the Bronx with 18 years in the New York Police Department. He was appointed to the New York Police Department in April of 1991 and was promoted to the rank of sergeant in April of 1994. As a sergeant, he served in the 28th, 33rd and 34th precincts. He was promoted to lieutenant in October of 1999, where he served in the 41st and 48th precincts, and promoted to the rank of captain in December of 2006, where he served as the executive officer of the 23rd precinct. Caban was named to his current position—deputy inspector—in March of 2008 and is currently the commanding officer of the 25th precinct. Edward Caban holds a Bachelor’s Degree from St. John’s University. He is married to his wife Leidy and is a proud father of 2 children, Eddie Jr., 4 years old, and Ava Marie, 3 years old.


"Cristian meant a lot to everybody. Even through his illness, he was a very strong child who had strength and maturity well beyond his years. He was still able to bring a smile to everyone’s face—everyone who knew him and everyone who had contact with him. It’s an honor of mine to be affiliated with the Cristian Rivera Foundation."