Award-winning, nationally recognized, and sought after strength and conditioning coach, performance consultant and physical fitness advisor to professional athletes and corporate executives. Ben has consistently demonstrated ability in assisting clients to improve peak performance and acheive the desired results applying strong assesment, analytical, motivational and interpersonal skills. He posseses a sixth intuitive sense in evaluating individual ability, then determining suitable corrective action for overall improvement.


"Every person likes to think that when times are tough they will behave in an appropriate manner. That they will exhibit courage and dignity under fire. That no matter what the circumstances that they will continue the good fight until there is not one ounce of energy left or one short breath to take.
I truly did not understand this commitment until I met Cristian and John Rivera.

When I first met Cristian and his Dad John and learned about this condition called Pontine Glioma, what he had suffered and what he was continuing to suffer through I realized that I had to help in any possible way that I could. I witnessed the untiring and unconditional Love that drove John to do whatever humanly possible to save his Son and I also witnessed the suffering that went hand in hand with that struggle. Although I never was lucky enough to meet little Cristian when he was healthy I heard many wonderful stories about the special person he was and the Big personality that he had. He fought the valiant fight to the end and left an indelible imprint on us all.

More importantly now, his life and passing must be honored in the only way that is worthy. We must all pool our resources and energies to fund the research and find more successful early diagnostic procedures and treatments for this terrible condition. Let us learn the true meaning of courage and dignity through Cristian’s memory."