Ms. Dorota Wallace came to the United States at age 20, trading Poland for the American dream. Striving to make her parents proud, she earned her Master of Arts in Media Studies from NYU, and after a few roles in regional theatre, ended up working in advertising in New York City. But she found that going corporate wasn’t the answer, as her interests lay at the intersection of health, beauty, and community, and their transformative impact on people’s lives. Armed with her skills and passion, she opened Berry Blonde Spa on the Upper East side of Manhattan, where she connected — and has been helping others to connect — a love for health and beauty with an interest in personal growth. 
On a personal level, Ms. Wallace believes that love, generosity, and dedication can conquer all, and she is an advocate for paying it forward. She has been involved in raising awareness for causes such as domestic violence, education outreach in third world nations, and after-school programs, and has been a mentor for autistic children.


I met John professionally and while I did not have the privilege of meeting Cristian, I can only imagine how difficult it must be to lose a child. I am simply honored and humbled to participate in this cause. Together we can make a difference. Every kid deserves to live.